Corrosion Resistant FRP Fan

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The Sixth Shanghai International Enviro
                         & Water Expo Exhibit Live
       Shanghai International Enviro & Water Expo is one of the trade galas  
with the influenceon the largest scale in China at present and have higher
popularity and authoritativeness in the industry. So WINFAN had done
large amount of meticulously careful preliminary preparation before the
exhibition opened.
      The FRPFAN of the WINFAN section attracted the visitor's attention  
  frequently and the Senior design engineer of WINFAN explained some  
technical questions in side for the customer.Some foreign customers also
  very interesting visited our  product expressed the certain cooperation  
      In addition,WINFAN had put out its high-pressured centrifugal type  
  blower that researched and developed newly at this exhibition.  
   Relevant chainingShanghai International Enviro & Water Expo  

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